Bad Daddy POV / Miranda Miller Says Thank You

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Miranda Miller is all grown up now. Her step father was nice enough to get the young girl her very own place. She has been living at home since she turned 18 and it was finally time for her to move out. Miranda is excited to show her appreciation for the gracious gift. She invited her step daddy over for a special thank you. The all natural brunette wants to pleasure his big cock with her wet mouth and tight pussy. He objects at first. He has raised this girl since her mother and him married. Miranda Miller won’t let him say no. She pulls out his cock and starts to work it over with her tongue. Soon there is nothing he can say. Even as he tries to object, Miranda Miller can tell he loves her young mouth because of how hard he is. The nubile brunette works the shaft of her step dad’s dick. She sucks on him with vigor to get him sloppy and wet. Miranda has more plans beyond just her mouth. The teenage brunette needs to feel a real man’s cock in her tight pussy. She strips nude and bends over to get fucked from behind. Her step dad goes to work on the young slut’s pussy. She talks dirty to him to encourage his deep penetration. She then lays back and opens her legs so she can show off her hairless young pussy as he fucks her. Miranda wants to look at her step daddy while begging for him to fuck her. After so many orgasms, Miranda Miller can’t take anymore cock in her sore cunt. She sits in front of her step dad and worships his dick with her mouth until he is ready to drain his balls into her mouth. Miranda Miller doesn’t stop. She sucks him hard until he finishes spraying every drop of his cum into her mouth. She is happy that she was able to properly show her appreciation.