Real Punting / Escort Juliet of Milton Keynes – Part1

Real Punting / Escort Juliet of Milton Keynes
26yo mixed race slim English escort.

Juliet’s incall place is easy to find with plenty of free car parking. Our intrepid punter Jack had been looking forward to this meet but unfortunately in the punting world sometimes things do not go as you imagine.

During the initial chat on the bed Juliet told Jack she does not allow kissing. This was a real passion killer for him, but keen for sex he bravely carried on. He suggested she take over. Juliet told him to get his kit off. Jack duly obliged and Juliet administered OWO.

They moved on to the bed and the blowjob continued. Jack did enjoy licking her out after this. Sex soon followed in several positions, but each one was quite short and there was no connection or passion. To be frank Juliet seemed to have other things on her mind.

Juliet had turned her mobile off for the meet, so as not to be disturbed. Unfortunately a person who was looking out for her became concerned and actually turned up at the house – a real passion killer that one! Juliet did ask the person to leave but they refused.

While Juliet didn’t insist on finishing there and then, it was clear that she wanted to finish as soon as possible. Thus the punt did finish rather abruptly. Jack did manage to “finish off” – cumming over her tits. But it was rushed and felt awkward.

It could be Jack caught Juliet having a bad day. However, based on our experiences we could not recommend her. There are plenty of options in Milton Keynes and we feel punters money would be best spent elsewhere.